Jax Wax Houston

We here at Jax Wax Houston are committed to one thing and one thing only, providing this great city with Premium Car Care Products! We do not cut corners when it comes to manufacturing, using only the highest grade raw materials for all of our products. All of our chemicals are manufactured in house at our facility in Columbus Ohio, with each and every one of you in mind. We are here to provide you with quality and to ensure your second biggest investment is taken care of. The proof is in the bottle, so let us show you what we got Houston!



Great place to get some good products from. Vic is a great guy and just wants to help everyone keep their vehicles clean the right way using the right products for the job!

Brandt Caloudas

Really cool place. They have everything you could possibly need to wash your car. I got a bucket with rollers and a brush. Good prices. The guy who helped me took me step by step and explained all the products I had questions about. Very nice and professional.

James LeRoy

THESE ARE SOME OF THE BEST PRODUCTS AVAILABLE! If you love your car enough to always give it the best then this place is for you! Knowledgeable staff and will help you with any questions.

Roman Escobedo

Finally I can pick up truly premium car care products locally in the Houston area opposed to waiting days for online orders. I refuse to use car cleaning products from the auto parts! I take too much pride in my ride to use basic products that damage my paint long term! Jax Wax for the Win!

Larry Harrison

Great products and great people to deal with! Very helpful! Best products on the market!!!

Brent Davis