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The latest evolution in clay bar technology available on the market. It's the First Step in removing any rough, unsightly contaminants to achieve that ultimate new car finish, we all desire.

The Clay Mit will safely and easily decontaminate your surface from dirt, dust, tree sap, bugs, pollutants, and even water spots. Clay Mit also works great on vehicle paint, plastic, rubber molding, and even glass!

It's extremely versatile in that it can be used with Body Shine Quick Detail Spray as a lubricant to provide an effortless glide, or by using a high-quality soap such as Ceramic Shampoo.

To clean, simply rinse it well under water, and it will perform as new each time you use it.

How Does it Work?
Our clay weave technology quickly pulls contaminants from the surface without scratching. This is due to our unique hexagon weave infused with our proprietary polymers that have been shown to work up to 10X quicker than a traditional clay bar.