Professional Detailing Cart with Bottle Organizer

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This Professional Rolling Detail Cart Keeps You Organized and Keeps Your Automotive Detailing Tools and Supplies Close at Hand While Your Work!

How many times have you set detailing supplies on the car while you work - only to have them fall off? It's also frustrating running back and forth to get towels, supplies and tools when detailing a vehicle. It's even more so when you can't find what you are looking for and you know you have it - somewhere! 

The key to detailing is to be efficient and organized. This detailing cart is just the ticket! 

It allows you to bring the tools to the job, and follow you around the vehicle while you work. Although extremely rugged, it is also lightweight unlike other steel and metal utility carts. 

The high strength molded plastic shelves won't stain, scratch or rust. The tub-like shelves are 24" Long 18" Wide and 2 3/4" Deep with a molded lip to prevent tools and supplies from falling out. And if you do have an accidental spill, clean up is a breeze - simply rinse it off and wipe clean!

The push handle is molded into the top tub for easy control, even when loaded on uneven surfaces. The adjustable bottle organizer holds 8 bottles upright even when you are moving the cart. 

Overall height is a comfortable 38 1/2". The clearance between the shelves is 11 3/4" making it easy to store 3 Gallon Pails. Made in the USA.

32" W x 24" D x 38.25" H