Rupes 3in Backing Plate

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Rupes LHR75 Backing Plate | Bigfoot 3" 75mm

  • For RUPES BigFoot Mini LHR 75 Random Orbital Polisher
  • Fits RUPES BigFoot 4" Polishing Pads

RUPES BigFoot 3" Backing Plate is the factory replacement for RUPES LHR 75 Mini Orbital Polisher and RUPES LHR 75E Mini Orbital Polisher models.

The RUPES BigFoot 3" Backing Plate is made of a polyurethane foam that is resistant to mechanical stress during polishing. Combine with RUPES BigFoot foam, microfiber or wool cutting ad polishing pads to reduce vibration considerably.

The RUPES BigFoot 3" Backing Plate has been engineered with air flow holes that dissipate heat and keeps the work surface an acceptable temperature. The convenient hook and loop attachment system creates an effective fastening system, giving the foam excellent stability during your entire polishing process.